About Me

meHi, I'm John Reynold Loberiza a Graphic Artist, Web Design
er and Developer
, Virtual Professional.

For over 15 years I have been doing digital graphics mostly for fun and occasionally for a fee. Just as much number of years, I have been playing with web design and development and even created the web site for the company where I used to work for.

I have also taught HTML with CSS , Adobe Photoshop, Office Applications (MS Office and Open Office)  in a private school for three years.  Though I seldom used my graphic designing and web development skills in the company that I recently left, I never stopped learning and practicing. I had particular interest in PHP and WordPress that I continuously study it and use it on my personal site.

I'm Here to Help You Focus on Your Business

Whether you you have a start up business,  or you have already an existing one and want to expand your sales through the Internet, or even a start up blogger, I'm here to take away the headache of building your web presence and managing your social media, so you can focus more on your business operation.




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