Creating Graphic Designs Using MediBang Paint for Android

Creating Graphic Designs Using MediBang Paint for Android

For almost a month now, I have been creating graphic designs using MediBang Paint for Android. To date it is the only Android app that has the closest look and feel to Adobe Photoshop. Although, it is not as powerful as the famed Photoshop, it has the necessary tools and features I need to create my designs.

Medibang Paint for Android

Medibang Paint for Android

For the past few months, I have always been  on the go. I rarely stay in one place and I felt that carrying my laptop all the time is no longer practical. That's the reason that I bought my Modoex M101 10.1 inch Android tablet in the first place.

Drawing All the Time

I always love to draw. I even installed another graphic design app on my 5 inch Android phone. It is not quite convenient to draw because of the limited screen, I would still draw whenever I am doing nothing.

How I Found MediBang  Paint for Android

Ever since I bought my Android tablet, I have been looking for an app that would closely give me the look and feel of Adobe Photoshop. However, whenever I searched for "Photoshop" on Google Play store, the apps that I have tried before lack the tools that I need. Sure, there are a few that were great graphic apps but they were nowhere near Photoshop's capabilities.

Then a fellow member posted her Manga creations. That's when it hit me to look for Manga in Google Play Store instead of Photoshop.

I searched the Playstore using the keywords 'Draw Manga App'. Most of the results though are 'How to Draw Manga' tutorial apps, but when I scrolled down, I saw MediBang Paint.

Medibang Paint in Playstore

Medibang Paint in Playstore

Not Just Manga

Medibang Paint for Android is a Cross platform application intended for drawing Manga / anime, however it has tools and features that would almost match earlier versions of Photoshop. It has free cloud storage also that you can use. The files you stored in the cloud storage can be opened from a Windows or iOS version of the program. You can also save your file as PSD file for Photoshop.

What Have I Done With MediBang Paint So Far

So far these are some of my works done using MediBang Paint

  1. John's Creative Gift Shop header.

    John's Creative Gift Shop at TeeSpring

    I recently started a store at TeeSpring, while I'm trying my hands on tshirt designing again. My first design using, again, MediBang is...

  2. She is a Travel Photographer

    She is a Travel Photographer

    Though TeeSpring has a fantastic online design tool, it's still best to create custom designs.

  3. Minotaur

    Wrath of the Raging Minotaur- based on my work done using water colored pencils on paper. As I was uploading it on, a story developed  in my mind.

  4. Last but not least, my avatar which is a work in progress.  

Medibang Paint is so far the best graphic design app for Android that I have used, however if you have used another app that performs much better than this, I would welcome the suggestions.


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