Gadget Wish List for 2017 and Why I Need Them

My Gadget wish list

My Gadget wish list

To start my year, here are my gadget wish list. Better yet, these are my gadget goals for this year and why I need them. These are not the latest models but they would serve well for my purpose and help me improve my work. Since I am a start-up freelancer / entrepreneur, I can’t afford the high priced brands. However, even if I can afford them I would still go for cheaper but as durable alternatives.

My Gadget Wish List:

Gadget Wish List #1: Wacom Intuous

  1. Wacom Intuos. – First and foremost a Wacom Intuos pen and small touch tablet.  I have tried other brands, but for me, nothing can beat a Wacom graphic tablet. Priced at around $100.00.
    Why I need it: I’m a graphic artist, though I can do well just by using the mouse, but I could do better with a Wacom. (Read: Advantages of Using A Wacom)
  2. Huawei P8 Lite  – I need a phone with more memory than what I currently have. Aside from it’s 5.0″ screen,what I after for a Huawei P8 Lite is it’s expandable internal memory and AM. Compared to other more expensive brands, the P8 Lite costs only around $200.00
    huawei p8 lite

    huawei p8 lite

    Huawei also have  a quad-core model which costs a little over $100.00. Except for the processor, the rest of the specs are almost the same as the P8.

    Why I need it: My old Gionee V4 is  still fully functioning as a phone. However, the limited internal memory and RAM prevents me from upgrading some basic apps let alone download new ones. Having expandable memory means, I can download as much apps as I could without buying a new phone for a longer period of time.


    Lenovo Yoga 500

    Lenovo Yoga 500

  3. Lenovo Yoga 500 – The Yoga is more than just a laptop. I could easily converted it into a tablet. With its i5-6200U processor, and other features, it  costs just a little higher than an ordinary laptop with similar specifications. I could avail it from a local store at around $720.00
    Why I need it: I am already using a laptop with i5 processor, but I need more memory and storage processing speed. The Yoga has all of these, and since its convertible, I don’t need to buy a separate tablet.

Goals Not Wishes

Again, this is not just a wish list but goals for this year. Thus I have set target dates when to get these.

  • January – Huawei P8 Lite – or most likely the quad core version. I’m going for this first, because with its 5.0″ screen, I can compose my blog posts where I am. With its 13MP camera, I could take photos anytime and upload them to Niume and other sites where I earn from my contents.
  • March – Lenovo Yoga– I’m working on at least two web sites right plus I am managing the social media of a local computer store here. The Yoga’s features could help finish my work faster and efficiently.  I may need to buy this on installment basis though, but as much as possible I will find a way to buy this in cash.
  • June –  Wacom Intuos- As I have mentioned, I can still do my graphics using my mouse, that’s why I’m putting this last.

The estimated total costs for these gadgets is a about $1000.00.  My next step is to earn that amount by the first four months  of this year. Putting it that way, I only need to earn at least $8.00 a day. I might even earn more and earn the amount in less than four months.

Happy New Year!

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