My Top 6 Free Graphic Design  Apps For Android

My Top 6 Free Graphic Design Apps For Android

6 Free Graphic Design Apps For Android

My list of 6 Free Graphic Design Apps For Android

I am always mobile and I am always using my Modoex 10.1 inch Android tablet. Thus, I looked for and tried some free graphic design apps for Android that I could use like Adobe Photoshop. Unfortunately, there is not one application for Android that can match the Photoshop.

I tried several free graphic design apps for Android and I made my Top 6 Free Graphic Design Apps For Android. This list consists of Android apps that could be used on different aspects of graphic design like photo-editing, layout and drawing. At least two of these apps can be used in all the above mentioned aspects, but it would be quicker to use the others.

In this list, I will specify how I use the each app.

6. Desygner

Desygner for Android

Desygner is a fantastic graphic app. It has a number of  pre-formatted layout and templates for your different needs. You can easily design calling cards, flyers, banners, web banners, images for your Twitter, Facebook and other social media posts and much more. You can also create your own custom templates.

The paid version allows you access to even more ready-made templates and you can save your own branding themes.

Cloud Storage

Your Desygner account comes with free cloud storage where you can save your work. You can access and edit your saved from other devices and operating systems  using their web application.

Needs Internet Connection

The only issue, however, that I have with this free graphic design app is it needs Internet connection for you to use it. Perhaps to some of you this is not an issue, but there are times I go to places where there is no Internet connection. In my observation, the app takes longer to load when the Internet connection is slow.

Probably,  if it could run faster on my tablet,  I would have put this in no 3 in this Top 6 Free Graphic Design App list.


  1. Layout design


5. Pixlr Express

Pixlr is one of the first free graphic design apps for Android that I have used.  It is an essential tool for digital photographers, specially those who uses their phones and tablets for to take photos.

Pixlr is a great app for quick edits like, cropping, resizing (which I do using the saving process) or doing some quick fix on the photo.

Creating a collage of photo using Pixlr is a breeze. It has a number of pre-built layouts. All you need is select the photos and the layout, then arrange the photos. You can also add some doodles, text, effects, borders and more.

I even use it to create simple graphic design with my photos and simple typography.

This is a great app for Instagram users.


  1. Quick Photo editing namely resize and retouching
  2. Quick typography
  3. Photo grid


4. PicsArt



PicsArt is another one of my favorite free graphic design apps for Android. It has almost all, if not all, of the features Pixlr Express plus a lot more. You can create simple drawings from scratch or over an existing image.

This app has layers that allows you to add objects one over another. It has several pre-set canvass sizes for commonly used graphic designs.

PicsArt is a fantastic graphic design app for bloggers who needs a quick cover image for their blog entries.


  1. Typography
  2. Simple Layout Design
  3. Photo Editing
  4. photo collages


3. Logopit Plus

Don’t be deceived by the name of this app. Logopit is indeed perfect for creating logos quickly, but you can create more than just a logo. In fact, you can do almost anything with it as much as you can with the Desygner. That’s why I put here at No. 3 in my list of Top 6 Free Graphic Design Apps For Android.

Logopit Plus has a simple and user-friendly interface.  It loads quickly and has vast number of free images that you can readily use in your logo or other designs. It also comes with pre-built canvasses for the commonly used images.

  • Logo
  • Social Media Covers (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc…)
  • Social Media Post images
  • Paper print sizes (A4, Letter ) 72 and 200 dpi resolutions.
  • Device Wallpapers
  • and others.

Logopit Plus works with layers, which is essential in creating layout.

Too Sensitive

The only problem that I have encountered so far in using Logopit Plus is when I move around an object, it is a bit shaky.  When I drag the selected object, it tends to continue moving even I after I stopped moving my finger. It might be too sensitive, or something I have to change in the settings.

The solution I found for this issue is to turn on the “snap” feature.


  1. Layout design as listed above.
  2. Logo design.


2.  AutoDesk Sketchbook

AutoDesk Sketchbook

AutoDesk Sketchbook logo

I use Sketchbook specifically to create my digital drawing. This was my personal favorite among the other free graphic design apps even before I purchased my Modoex 10.1 inch tablet. I have used it first on my laptop. However, since it did not have a touch screen and I don’t have a graphic tablet, it was difficult for me to use.

When I bought my 5 Inch screen Huawei phone, I installed it started using it. Suffice to say, I was amazed how easy it is to use the app even on a small screen.  After I purchased my tablet, this was the first  graphic design app that I have installed.

It took me a short time to get the “feel” on drawing on a tablet. The free version alone has a few but rather useful options for brushes , pens and erasers. Not to mention, it is user-friendly enough that my three-year old son can select easily change the colors of the brushes.

It also make use of layers, however, the free version has a limitation of three layers only. Nevertheless, AutoDesk Sketchbook is one of the best free graphic design app available for Android and other OS as well.

Link to Deviant Art

AutoDesk Sketchbook could link up to Deviant Art where you can upload your masterpieces, or join in one of their SketchThis challenges. So far I have joined in three of these challenges.

Here’s what I have done with Sketchbook so far.

See also:    Painting With AutoDesk Sketchbook.


  1. Digital drawing/painting


1.  Medibang Paint.

Medibang Paint is a graphic app primarily designed for Manga artist. In fact, it did not come out in the search result in Google Play when I looked for Photoshop alternative for Android. I found it only when I looked for “Manga” in Google Play. However, once I started using it, I realized I can do more than just draw Manga with this app. Hands down it is my Top favorite along with the other 5 Free Graphic Design Apps in this list.

Medibang Paint for Android

Almost Like Photoshop

After I installed MediBang Paint on my Android Tablet, I was impressed right away. This may be a free app but it is packed with tools and features that makes it almost like Photoshop. In fact could compare it with the earlier version of Photoshop.

It has the basic features and tools that I was looking for in a graphic design app.

  1. Brushes – including custom brushes.
  2. Layers – so far I used more than 10 layers in one project and it also has some blending options.
  3. Select tools – including the magic wand, which I don’t see on other apps.
  4. Line art tools-   This is similar to the pen tool of Photoshop, however, it has some limitations. One particular limitation is once you have set the line or curve, the path disappears and cannot be reused anymore.
  5. Text – Since, MediBang Paint is designed for creating Manga, adding text is very easy, however, one of the issues that I have with this feature is , the font names are uncommon and some are in Japanese characters. I have to do some trial and error whenever I need to select the fonts.

Exportable to PSD and Cloud Storage

Despite MediBang Paint’s limitation though, it is well compensated since the raw file can be exported into PSD file. The PSD file of course can be opened using Photoshop and from there you can edit the image layer by layer.

Also , MediBang Paint has a cloud storage where your can save your files and open them on other platforms, e.g. Windows or Mac. Needless to say MediBang Paint is also a cross platform application.

With this app I was able to create an image of the  mythical creature, Minotaur from the ground up. I created everything from the initial sketch up to the full color image with background (see : Wrath of the Raging Minotaur).


  1. Drawing (sketches, line-art drawing)
  2. Photo tracing for caricature making.
  3. Logo design
  4. Web graphic design
  5. Background removal.
  6. Layout design.



Special Mention: Adobe Illustrator for Android

I have used Adobe Illustrator for Desktop in my previous work. However, when I first tried the Adobe Illustrator for Android on my 5 inch screen phone, the app ran only once and would not run anymore. It could have been a compatibility issue but the experience stuck to my subconscious that I did not bother downloading it when I got my Modoex tablet, until I was about to finish this post.

To be fair, I installed Adobe Illustrator for Android and ran and closed it more than twice and the app was running smoothly. At the time of writing though, I still haven’t restarted my tablet so I don’t know if it will continue to run in a few days.

Adobe Illustrator is a great app to create vector drawing. Vector drawings like logos in which you often need to scale up the image without getting pixelated.

These are my Top 6 Free Graphic Design Apps For Android. While I was looking for a good free graphic design app, I have tried a number of apps, but these 6 Free Graphic Design Apps impressed me.

In searching for an app in Google Play, I usually try only those with user ratings 4.0 and up. Some of them have good potential, unfortunately I have to pay to access some of the features that I was looking for.

These 6 Free Graphic Design apps plus the Adobe Illustrator have great features in their free versions. Some of them actually compliment each other. What is lacking or difficult to do in one of these apps, I can find it or do it much easier on the other.

Individual Review

I will be creating an individual review on each of these free graphic design  apps in the coming days. If, however, you have used some good free graphic design apps for Android that you think I should try and make a review. I would appreciate it if you make a suggestion by making a comment below.

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