Painting with AutoDesk Sketchbook for Android

Painting with AutoDesk Sketchbook for Android

Even before I have purchased my 10.1 inch tablet, I had been painting with AutoDesk Sketchbook for Android on my phone. Although the 5 inch screen of my Huawei Y5 II is not big enough, drawing on my phone helps me pass the time.

Painting with AutoDesk Sketchbook

Painting with AutoDesk Sketchbook

When I bought my Modoex 10.1 inch tablet, AutoDesk Sketchbook was the first graphic app that I installed.

Easy to Use

AutoDesk Sketchbook is fairly easy to use.  Perhaps even if you have used only Microsoft Paint before, the user interface of Sketchbook is very simple and easy to use.h

Your will find the brushes options are on the left and the layers control is on the right. The advanced options plus the undo/redo buttons are on the top.

As you can see,  the layout is pretty I think the whitespace in the middle is already your work area. The floating control at the button is your control for the pen/brush/eraser size,   color and opacity.

There are 8 basic brushes/pens and two erasers (soft erase and hard eraser).

It also has basic shape tools like circle and square and a straight line. Perhaps more will be available on the Pro version.

2500% X Zoom

One thing that I amazed me with AutoDesk Sketchbook is its zoom capacity. While other apps have limits upto to 500% zoom or less, Sketchbook has 2500% zoom capacity. That’s 25X magnification that allows you to draw small details.

DeviantArt and SketchThis challenge

AutoDesk Sketchbook book has a regular SketchThis challenge on DeviantArt. They will describe what you need to draw then upload it online.

I have a couple of entries on these challenges

Painting the Joker using AutoDesk Sketchbook

  1. Bad Guys- The Joker
  2. Original Character – Aguila (for lack of better name)

Limitations on free version

The free version has the basic tools needed to create fantastic drawings. However, the brushes and the layers are limited.  There is no selection tool. These limitations are easily unlocked on the Pro version. However,  I plan to purchase the pro version very soon.

Would you like me to post a tutorial on using AutoDesk Sketchbook for Android?


  1. I really love the artwork. I, however, even with the tool you mention (that I have used along with others) could not, can not and have never been able to create what you’ve created. Thanks for sharing!

  2. John Reynold Loberiza

    Thanks for the kind and uplifting words.
    In time, I’m sure you will be able to the things I did here and probably much even better.
    Have a great day, Scott.

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