Hi, I'm John Reynold Loberiza.

I'm a graphic artist, web designer and developer. 

I 'm here to build website and graphics for your business.


What I Can Do For You...

Design and Build
Web Site


Graphic Designs


Audience Engaging

My Passion

While I was an I.T. Administrator in my previous employment, my work was primarily to set up and manage a computer network of hundreds of workstations and five servers. However, this did not stop me from doing what I love to do. Create web pages and graphic designs.

WordPress and PHP

During those years in that company, I have been using WordPress on my personal blog. I may have not offered my services outside the company, but I had been updating my knowledge and skills on WordPress and PHP and other technologies related to web development and design.

Graphic Design

I love visual art! Creating graphic designs has always been my passion. I never stopped learning new skills in creating drawings and designs; mostly just for the love of it.

ve the skills and the passion to work. I love designing and developing web pages and creating graphic designs. I explore new tools and new techniques regularly. I innovate and integrate available and usable technologies, that will improve user experience on your site.

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