How To Create A Post on WordPress Part 2- Formatting WordPress Posts.

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In my previous post, I discussed how to create and publish a post in WordPress. Creating a post in WordPress is just as easy as you create a document in a  Microsoft Word.  Just like any document, you need to format  your content properly.  In this tutorial, you I will discuss the basics in formatting WordPress Posts.

Formatting WordPress post

Formatting WordPress post

Why? Have you read an article or blog post that has over a hundred  lines of text? It has no image, no sub-headings,  and not even a single word was emphasized in any way? Personally, I usually stop reading after the second or third paragraph. Assuming each paragraph is does not contain 500 words or so.
No matter how interesting your content is, if you don’t apply proper post formatting, chances are, your reader would stop reading even before finishing half of your post.

The Post Editor Toolbar

Formatting WordPress Post

The Post Editor Toolbar includes the following formatting tools:

  • Bold, Italic, and strikethrough – which are ways to emphasize words or phrases.
  • Bulleted and numbered lists – it is often necessary to use either of these if you want to include a list or two (or more) in your post. If you don’t need emphasize order in your list, then you use bulleted list . If you need to emphasize the order of items in your list, then you use Numbered list.
  • Blockquote – (the quotation mark icon) often used if you have a quotation included in you post. It will automatically indent the line and add one line before and after that.

    This is a sample quote

  • Horizontal Line – Personally, I seldom use this lately. But this is good if your post is quite long and have several sections in it.
  • Text Alignment – By default, everything is left aligned . There are times that you may want to put some element of your post at the center, or the right, like the headings and images.
  • Insert and remove link- It’s always advised to include links on your posts.
  • Insert Read More Tag –  You use this to insert the “Read More…” link after your excerpt.
  • Paragraph, Headings and Preformatted – By default, when you type the text in WordPress it will be a paragraph. You can change it a heading of different sizes from 1 to  6, one being the largest.
  • Underline – Use this if you want to emphasize a word, phrase or sentence just like bold. italic, and strike through.
  • Justify – justify your paragraph if you want the text aligned on both sides.
  • Text Color – Sometimes, you may need to or want want to change the color of your text.
  • Font Family and font sizes – These two also helps break the monotony of your text.

Formatting WordPress Posts

Formatting WordPress posts, is simply applying the different formatting tools mentioned above. Since there are a number of formatting tools available, I will discuss only the most important ones.

  1. Insert “Read More ..” Link  – Use this tool to tell WordPress how long your excerpt should be. Any text before the “Read More …” link will be displayed on the front page of your blog.
  2. Headings (and subheadings) – Use subheadings to divide your post into several subtopics. Use Heading 2 or 3 to define your subheadings.
  3. Emphasize Words, phrases and sentences -Apply Bold, Italics or Underline to emphasize some words,phrases or even a sentence. Personally, I italicize words or sentences of they are not English. Text Color   could also be used to emphasize some words.
  4. Insert Link –  Always insert the link of your sources or references to acknowledge them. You can also link to a related post you previously made.
  5. Bulleted and Numbered Lists – Don’t put bullets or numbers manually if you want to include lists on your posts. Use bulleted or numbered lists appropriately.

These are the formatting tools that I often use.

How To Apply The Formatting Tools

Applying the different formats is very simple. For the rest, I suggest you experiment with them how they can enhance your content.

  1. Highlight the text.
  2. Select the formatting tool that you want to apply.
  3. Enter additional information when asked (e.g. link address).

Use Images

Before I forget, it is also necessary to include at least one related image on each post.

  1. Click “Add Media” Button
  2. Select from your media library or;
  3. Upload a new image
  4. Enter the Alt Text (which is needed for the SEO).
  5. Adjust the alignment of the image.

You are now ready to publish your post,so go ahead, click the “Publish Button”.

If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to comment below.

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