JL Creative Ideas YouTube Channel is Up

JL Creative Ideas YouTube Channel  is Up

Finally, my JL Creative Ideas YouTube Channel is Up. For quite sometime I had been planning to create a YouTube channel where I can upload my tutorial videos.

JL Creative Ideas YouTube Channel


Initially, I intended to upload only tutorials and perhaps video presentations to show case some of my works. However, as I had been writing for different sites and forums, I realized I could do more than those. Writing on different sites and discussing with other members opened up so many ideas where anyone could start earning online.  Thus, by sharing those ideas, and exploring those ideas and turn them into something that could generate income, I could help other people like me who want to start earning online.

Who Should Watch JL Creative Ideas YouTube Channel?

If you are looking for a way to learn how to start earning online, then this channel is intended for you. My intended audience are:

  • Virtual Professionals.
  • Graphic artist.
  • Writers and bloggers
  • Hobbyists.
  • Amateur  Photographers

If you belong to any of these group, or simply wants to learn how to earn online, you are very much welcome to these Channel. If you are an expert in these fields, you are also welcome, I created this channel to help others learn how to earn online, your expertise would surely help them too.

What to expect from  JL Creative Ideas YouTube Channel

In this channel I will be uploading the following:

  1. Tips and tutorials regarding graphic designs web design and development. That includes Android apps. I might also include tutorials on different apps and software that would be useful for virtual professionals.
  2. Software and Apps Review. I will review different software and apps related, but not limited,  to graphic designs and web development. Again, I will include other aps and software.
  3. Gadgets and Hardware Review. The tools of bloggers and virtual professionals. My Gadget wish listNew gadgets and computers come up every so often. I will never be able to  cover them  all but I will make a review on what I can get my hands on. Maybe, I will share also if there are something new in the market. In a way I could share an insight if you are planning to buy a new gadget or computer.
  4.  Websites and Forums Review – while building up and maintaining this blog, I have joined several sites and forums that pays their members for their contents in one way or another.  I will share to you my experience and review on these sites. Also I will share to you my review on other sites where you can possibly earn money.
  5.  Gigs, Services and Product Portfolio – I have some Fiverr gigs and I plan to reactivate my Upwork account soon.  I found out that one of the best way to promote your gigs and services on these sites is through YouTube. Also I will be presenting some of my finished works here.
  6. Turning Your Ideas and Passion into profit – If you haven’t started it yet, you can turn your ideas and passion into a source of income. My ideas and passion could be different than yours.  But it doesn’t mean I can’t share to you how I turned mine into from them. In turn you can learn how, and do it yourself, too.

Why I Created JL Creative Ideas YouTube Channel.

I am no expert. As I have mentioned in the About Page, I am self-taught and self-trained. In this page, I started sharing to you the things that I have learned. Since more and more netizens now prefer to watch video tutorials rather than just read the instructions. Thus, to cater to your needs, I will be creating videos to compliment my posts here. That’s why I created JL Creative Ideas YouTube Channel.

No Get-Rich-Quick Schemes.

There are no get-rich-quick schemes here. Earning online requires patience and constant work. You need continuous  learning. That’s what I had done, that’s what I keep on doing. In my JL Creative Ideas YouTube Channel, I will to you what I have learned, my experience, what works, what does not.

Work In Progress

This channel is a work in progress. For starters here’s a test video that I have uploaded in my channel. Submitting Blog Post for Review in Bitlanders.

The video has no intro nor outro yet. I have still have to create them. At the moment I am recording some videos for those.

The Check out the channel now: JL Creative Ideas. I would appreciate it if you leave some comments too.

Thanks for reading.

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