Improve Web User Experience – Simplify the Design

Improve Web User Experience

Improve Web User Experience

To improve web user experience of my visitors (that’s you), I have to simplify my design. I dispatched the old black and chaotic design and replaced it with more white and simpler design. The old design was quite heavy on features and images. It takes some time for the page to finish loading.

Inspired by Virily

I joined a couple of months ago. I was amazed when I realized it was running on WordPress. The site which had now more 1,200 members and I estimated about 200 active users each hour. I find  the site to be  fast, specially for a multi-user site who creates new content every time. Moreover,  I was more amazed how simple and clean the layout of the site is.


Personally, I was more than satisfied with my experience with I realized then that I don’t need complicated and sophisticated design. What I need rather, is to improve the loading speed of my site, thus will improve web user experience of my visitors.

First Two Steps To Improve Web User Experience

According to a Hubspot article Improve Your Website User Experience, the first two steps needed to improve web user experience are:

  1.  Use of White Space – Use of too much white space could mean wasted space for more important information or even ad space. Proper use of white space, however, could increase user attention by 20 %.
  2. Loading Speed- users are always frustrated by slow loading speed. Personally, I was frustrated on my previous design that I went into hiatus for a few months.

During that time though I was looking  for fresh design ideas that I could use and offer to my future clients.

More Changes and Features to Come.

There will be more changes to come as I continue to improve the overall performance of this site. Plus there will be more features in the future.


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