Ceme online is a card game that uses gaple cards, this game must have at least one dealer to start this online ceme game. This game is actually very simple and easy to play. Everyone will find it easy to play because it has simple rules and card games. This online poker pake pulsa site game only uses calculations in the sum of each of the rules of the game.

For early online ceme games, each player must distribute two cards and determine the winner. This is done to add up the cards to get the highest value. The card that we get will also be compared with the dealer’s card. And vice versa, the cards that are in the dealer will also be compared for each player who is only in one table.

Well, there are some examples of game cases in ceme online, namely: First, the presence of qiu-qiu cards in ceme online games, so the players have to win the game because the cards they have have a smaller port. When there is on the city and qiu-qiu card players, then the city can be declared the winner. For players will suffer defeat if the cards dealt are smaller than those obtained by the city. situs judi bola online

Check out the Explanation of Ceme Online Games

If the player has a qiu number while the dealer does not have it then the player can be declared the winner. All players will pay to the dealer if the dealer has a qiu or nine card. We need to remember that if the cards we get are more than 10 then it will be reduced by a value of 10 as well. For example, we get a value of 10 + 7 = 17 – 10 = 7, so the value we get on our card is 7.

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Well, the same as the online cema calculation above, if the card we get is more than 20, the value will be reduced by 20 as well. And the last remaining number is the value on the card. Suppose again 10 + 12 = 22 – 20 = 2 then the value of your card is only 2.

That’s all the information that can be conveyed about online ceme hopefully what has been described above can be useful for us. Those who previously did not know this game, we will know and our knowledge will increase. If you want to try this game, you should first find out how the system of this game is.

However, it is well known that this game is quite easy so you don’t have to worry anymore. Hopefully the explanation above can provide knowledge that you don’t know. So now you know better and understand it.