How to arrange Capsa Susun well to win a lot when playing at Capsa Susun Agents – How to play Bandar Capsa Susun online, Capsa Susun Online can already be played using your PC or Mobile, Capsa Susun is a poker domino88┬ácard game, Capsa which means 13 cards. And usually called the big two because the highest in this game are two and thirteen. And how to play Bandar Capsa is to arrange the cards into three different levels at each level, in playing Capsa Susun each player will be distributed 13 cards by the dealer from the 13 cards that will arrange into the best card from his opponent. And the cards will be divided into three stacks of different cards and the bottom card must have a greater combination than the card in the middle, as well as the middle card must have a higher value than the card at the top.

7 Rules that all players or players of Capsa Susun Online must know:

1. If we see fraud in arranging cards or the player makes a mistake in arranging cards, the bet will be taken by the winning dealer or dealer.
2. If both the players and the dealer get the item card, the player and the dealer are required to arrange the card correctly and well, if both of them are wrong in arranging the card, it will still be considered wrong in arranging the card.
3. If the player and dealer get the highest item or card and they arrange it correctly, the player or dealer will automatically win without having to fight 3 lines or levels of cards that have been arranged. rolet online
4. If the player and the dealer get the same item, they will be competed for the items they get.
5. Each player will be given 55 seconds to arrange the cards that have been distributed by the dealer, if the time runs out and the cards that are arranged are not ready then the cards will be issued randomly.
6. The Full House card in capsa is not considered a finished goods card, it must be contested in 3 rows that have been arranged.
7. For the top Threes card in Capsa, it is not considered an item, so we will still compete in three rows that have been arranged, at least buying or sitting on the table, players must bring 2.5 x of the maximum bet that has been determined or determined.


The following is the arrangement of the Capsa Agent cards from the highest to the lowest:

1.Royal Straight Flush
2.Straight Flush
3.Faour Of a Kind
4.Full House
7.Three Of Kind
8.Double Pair / Two Pair