Here are the rules for playing Bandarq on online gambling sites

In the era of online gambling as it is now, the bandarq gambling game is the game most played by Indonesian gamblers. Basically, online gambling includes a large selection of games. You can find any gambling games such as the card genre, lottery, casino, sportsbook and even cockfighting gambling.

However, of the many gambling games available at online bookies, the bookie qiu card game is the prima donna. This game has a huge fan base. Until now, millions of people have played it. In fact, that number is always increasing every day.

Of course, everyone will have their own reasons why they choose the city qiu game as their main gambling game. However, whatever it is, when you are really interested in trying it, be sure to study it well. Because after all, this is a gamble where you need skill to win the bet.

If you still rely on luck alone, you will find it difficult to be able to bring in rupiah coffers. So, in order to become a successful bookie qiu gambler, start with learning the rules of the game first. The following will explain how the rules for playing qiu city gambling are explained, look carefully. Judi Bola Online Terbaik

The rules that apply in online bandarq gambling

Bandar qiu is a card based game. The cards used in this game are dominoes or gaples. However, don’t think that the game will be the same as the domino qiu qiu game. The game will be different from the domino qiu qiu game. So, learn first before you finally play on online gambling sites.

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So, this game has a banker vs player type of play. The main attraction in this game is that all of them are gamblers. So, later a gambler will fill the position as a banker as well. That is, the banker is not occupied by the bookie and against you, but the gambler himself who will fight other gamblers.

Later, players in the banker and player positions will get two cards each. The card can later be combined into circles to find out the value of the card. Then, later they will be pitted against the value of the player’s card with the banker. Exactly, so the banker will fight all the gamblers in the player position.

The higher card value will be the winner and will be entitled to the bet money. However, when the banker has the same card value as the player, the banker will be the winner. So, here, bankers do have a better position than gamblers in player positions.

However, to be a banker also can not be arbitrary. There are special provisions so that you can occupy a position as a banker in this bandarq gambling. Every gambler who wants to be a banker must have a certain amount of balance. You can see the conditions in the information section of each table. Exactly, because the table is different, the conditions are different.

Tips for playing qiu city for maximum results

If you already understand how the rules of the game, of course other additional things are also needed. This is intended to support your chances of making a profit at online qiu bookie gambling. First, for maximum results, you should also learn other gambling games. So, don’t just rely on the qiu city game.


Other games you can learn are of course free. Just adjust it to your tastes and interests. For example, if you like the card genre, you can learn games such as qq poker online terpercaya, domino qiu qiu or other card gambling. The point is, don’t just know how to play qiu city. The more you master, the better.

Then, in order to increase your chances of winning, don’t be careless in choosing an online gambling site. The choice of a place to gamble also needs to be a concern for gamblers. It’s not a wise thing if you just choose a city as a place to play. At least consider the following things so that later you can have more opportunities to bring in profits.

  • Ensure the credibility of the online gambling site
  • Find a site that supports the best facilities
  • Find a city with the best bonus offers

Taking the above points into account when choosing a bookie, the impact can be very positive on your career journey. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to be careless in choosing a city. With this additional technique, you can find more profit when you gamble on the online bandarq site.