In this era full of technology, it is not new to find various kinds of online gambling games. In addition, it is no longer a taboo when so many people join the game. It’s not about the many types of games, but also the abundance of benefits that can be obtained.

One of the most prominent games of gambling games is online poker. Games that use game media in the form of cards have been known for a long time. It’s just that, at that time, to play this game you have to go to the place to play or the casino. The prizes given at that time were not too big compared to the prizes in this online version.

Interestingly, in the online version, players can already play this game even when they are at home. Well, before it was announced to have an easy game system because it was played online, it turned out that there was a history of several games that pioneered the presence of the online version of dominoqq88. What is meant by marketing? Here’s the review.

History About the Birth of Online Poker Game

  • As-Nas (Persian) Game

The first players who already knew and became the pioneers of the presence of online poker games were As-Nas players. This game itself comes from Persia and the game medium is 20 cards. As in the current version, the cards have different values. The order of cards contained in the game As-Nas is As, Shah, Bibi, Serbaz and Lakat. To be able to play this game, it takes 4 players at one table. daftar slot online terpercaya

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At the beginning of the game, each player will get 5 cards and must be able to combine these cards. Every round that occurs, there are always players who make bets and don’t make bets. In this game, the term used for betting is didam and when the player does not participate in the bet, then uses the term nadidam.

  • Poque and Pochen (French and German)

Next there is a game of poque and pochen. This game has a different origin. Poque itself comes from France, while pochen comes from Germany. Even though they come from two different countries, the gameplay of this game tends to be the same. Where, the number of cards played is adjusted to the number of players playing.

This game also has a special board that is used as a place to play it. In the board there are eight holes located on the edge and one slot in the middle. The hole serves to store or place the value of the bet.

Of the several types of predecessor games above, the emergence of online poker games that have easy access for players.