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ONLINE Gambling SITES – The baccarat game is one of the most played games on an online gambling site, even though how to play baccarat itself is not too difficult if you understand how, but it needs to be reminded again that all victories in the baccarat game come from yourself so the purpose of the article This is written only to provide tips or guidance.

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Actually, from baccarat, the type of card used in this game is the same as how to play poker, but the rules are clearly different so if the baccarat rules each card will be calculated based on its size according to the numbers printed on the card itself, but for (10 – K) counts to be 10 or 0 and (AS) counts to 1.

If you want to better understand how to play judi online terpercaya baccarat that is easy for players to understand, you can listen to reviews like the one below:

If the player gets a card in the baccarat game like the example below:

  • 9+7 = 6
  • 5+5+5 = 5
  • 10 + 9 = 9 purely in the baccarat game which is reaching a count of 9.

In the rules of baccarat, players can choose betting for the player or banker side, but for side bets there are also Tie, player pair, banker pair, super six, but this is only a side bet if the bettor wants to win more. promo slot online

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First of all, the bettor who starts the baccarat game will receive two cards to be compared with the player or banker card depending on where your betting side is, so in this situation there are rules for getting a third card if the 2 cards received by the bettor are of value.

  • 0-5 = must add a card.
  • 6-7 = no added cards.
  • 8-9 = pure obviously will not be added.

If both sides of the banker card value:

  • 0-2 = must add.
  • 3-6 = the banker may make his own choice whether to add or not depending on the card value from the player’s side.
  • 7 = no plus
  • 8-9 = pure not added.
  • Hit = add cards in the game.
  • Stand = don’t add cards or stay still.

Then for the correct calculation in online baccarat, every bet on the player or banker side or other side bets has a different payment method for that the correct payment in each baccarat game win can be listened to as below:

Baccarat Pair – If for this bet if the bettor places a baccarat pair then both sides of the player and banker card will be counted based on the first card only.

Super Baccarat 6 – This type of bet is still relatively new, but from the rules it is the same as traditional baccarat. This type of card bet, the payment on the banker’s side depends on different situations.

Super Baccarat Payout 6:

Banker wins – Then the payment for this win is 1: 1 without commission if the banker wins with 6 points or card value then the count is 1: 0.5, meaning that if the bettor bets 100 thousand then the winnings are only 50 thousand.

  • Player wins – This baccarat payout is 1: 1 without commission if the player card beats the banker.
  • Tie / Series – This win is paid at 1: 8 without commission or anything else.
  • Super 6 – When the banker wins by a count of 6 then the payout is 1: 12 without any deductions.
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The explanation above is brief but easy enough to understand because in this baccarat game itself, it means that the bettor only needs to get it if the card reaches a pure 9 count, if it is clear, of course, he only hopes from the situation that is faced with winning or losing from the player or banker side.