How To Play Dragon Tiger Easily For Beginners

Are you a live casino gambling lover? If so, then it is very appropriate to discuss this article. Because we will help explain how to play dragon tiger.

Generally, many dragon tiger games say that it is very similar to baccarat, but there are some differences. Therefore, we will help explain later in the contents of this article.

Dragon tiger is one of the many other types of live casino games, playing dragon tiger is perfect for beginners because it is the easiest among others.

How to play dragon tiger, our explanation will be played online later, why online? Because since the development of time doing online is much more practical.

The way to play is exactly the same as in a casino, but the difference is that you can play dragon tiger wherever you are. Because only using a cellphone or laptop can be accessed.

You must know that all dragon tiger bets use real money in it, therefore you must be 18 years or older to start playing dragon tiger.

How To Play Dragon Tiger Easily For Beginners

If you are already curious about how to play daftar akun judi rolet dragon tiger online live casino gambling, then we help explain in this article easily so that you can understand it well.

Playing dragon tiger is often said to be similar to baccarat, but there are some differences, you know, bettor. One of them is if the dragon tiger only requires 1 card in each column. daftar akun judi rolet

So the dealer will distribute in the dragon & tiger column only 1 card each, the card with the highest value will certainly win the dragon tiger bet.

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It is not difficult for bettor to play dragon tiger, but there are several betting columns that are commonly used when guessing the dragon tiger with different prizes, of course.

Dragon: This column allows you to place a bet if you guess that the dragon has a higher value than the tiger, the payout if the dragon wins is 1: 1.

Tiger: Dragon’s opponent is tiger, you can place a tiger if you guess that the card value in tiger is higher than in dragon. Winning payouts are also the same, namely 1: 1.

Tie: Next you can put on a tie, if you believe that the card value in dragon and tiger is the same. If you correctly guessed this tie then the prize is 1: 8, and if the result is a tie and you place a bet on a dragon or tiger, it will be deducted 50% and then back to the player.

These 3 bets can be used when doing how to play the dragon tiger, you must learn them for sure before starting to place bets.

You also need to know the card value from the lowest to the highest in dragon tiger, so it’s easy to bettor AS, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K.

When you know the value of the card & the betting column, you definitely understand how to play the dragon tiger online live casino, right? Next we will provide recommendations for the best online gambling agents.

You can find the best online gambling agent in the live chat column at the bottom right of this page, you can ask about this to our admin. It will certainly be well directed by our admin for 24 hours.

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Why play dragon tiger in the best online gambling agency? The point is that when you experience a big win, then it is definitely paid exactly without exception.

Tips & Tricks to Win These Live Casino Bets

If you have mastered how to play dragon tiger live casino online gambling, then we will help by providing tips & tricks for beginner bettors when they want to get started.

Never bet on a tie, the winning prize is very large, but it is not easy to win the tie bet. Remembering how to play dragon tiger live casino only uses 1 card only.

Prepare enough capital when playing dragon tiger, why is that? As we know, the winning prize for installing in both dragon and tiger is the same, so if you lose in the previous session, you can double the next session so that your capital returns.

Read the dragon tiger history board, when you understand and analyze, you can definitely find the answer to wanting to install dragon, tiger, or tie in the next session.

Now you can use these 3 tips when playing dragon tiger as a beginner, hopefully you can succeed and get big profits, bettor from the lesson of this article.

Thank you for reading it to the end, at the end of the word we are at the end of the article about how to play dragon tiger. If you want to learn other ways to play, please look at the next article.