How to Play Online Slots For Beginners

Slot machine gambling games, are games with many fans in every casino casino. But do you know that many people still do not understand how to play online slots properly.

For you slot gambling players, now you can enjoy this game by playing online. Only with access via cellphones and computers, you can immediately play online slot gambling.

This opportunity, we want to provide some knowledge about how to play online slots to benefit you. We discuss what is very popular in the world of online slot games, namely the pragmatic provider.

When playing at this provider there are also ways to win playing pragmatic slots that you can learn, we will discuss later at the end of this article. Before going there, there are many types of playing Indonesian online slot games.

You must know first, you should play Indonesian online slot gambling on Asian online casino gambling sites that provide trusted online slots, of course. So that the workings of the machine are believed to be fair and genuine.

Each player has a special way when playing judi casino terpercaya slot game machines. Therefore, you can find how to play slots for beginners in this article.

How to Play Online Slots For Beginners

When slot games first appeared in the 1990s, they were not as complete as they are today. They only have a few reels and 1 payline, so see how to play online slots to find out terms in online slot gambling. bandar casino terpercaya


When you enter an online slot game, you will be presented with several vertical columns. The vertical column is the reel when we use it when playing online slot game machines, the picture above uses 5 reels.
paytable 1

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Before you play online slots by spinning the reels, click on the paytable / info on the lower left side of the game. Then you can see the payout for each combination clearly according to your bet, after understanding how to play online slots, you can immediately check the paytable then play the slot.
big bets and paylines

Bet Size and Paylines

When you want to play online slot games, you have to pay attention to the size of the bets and paylines when you want to play them. You can play with a minimum nominal value of 200 silver and can choose how many coins per line when you want to play it. In the picture is a game of panda fortune by playing 25 paylines.

Slot Symbols

When you see these symbols, of course you ask how many symbols are used in playing online slot gambling? The answer is 10-12 symbols with very unique images, of course, depending on the theme you are playing. In the picture above we took the symbol when playing panda fortune.


Wild in the picture above is a panda, you can exchange all symbols except BONUS. Wild symbols will appear on reels 2,3,4, and 5.
bonus slots


When playing online slot games, there will always be a bonus, the example in the picture above is a bonus from the Panda Fortunes theme. By getting 3 bonus symbols, you win 2x the total bet & 8x free spins, 4 bonus symbols you win 15x the total bet & 10x free spins, and finally 5 bonus symbols then your winnings are 100x the total bet & 15x free spins.
jackpot 1

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Every game must have an online jackpot slot, panda fortunes has 3 jackpots including MINOR, MAJOR, and GRAND. When you win the jackpot, you will receive a large payment, of course. MINOR gets 25x the total bet, MAJOR gets 200x the total bet, and GRAND gets 800x the total bet. The requirements for getting the jackpot are in the image below:
jackpot 2 slots

Above are some terms in how to play online slots, as for the slot game formula in the form of a pattern that you must know to be able to make you win. The pattern is as below:

You also need to know that playing trusted online slots has an abbreviation in the form of RNG & RTP. RNG is a random number generator, a software that can declare the game fair, has been checked and has a certificate from a 3rd party.

RTP is a return to player, so RTP ranges from 80% -90%. In the panda fortune the RTP is 96.17%, so for example from 100 then 96.17% goes to the players and the rest is the company’s margin for development. The RTP percentage is not always the same in every slot game, it can increase or decrease.

Tips To Avoid Losses In Slot Games

Above is an explanation of how to play online slots, it is incomplete if we don’t share some ways to play slot gambling to win. Maybe it could be your consideration when playing Indonesian online slot gambling.

Bet Patiently

When you are faced with playing slots on your cellphone, then you have to play in a calm and unhurried state. That is the main key to how to win playing online slots on your cellphone. Starting with small stakes first, you can use many slot machines with small capital. If you have started to understand the statistics, you can increase the bet amount when desired.

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Sufficient Capital

When you want to start placing bets on online slot gambling, prepare enough capital, once again you need patience when playing this online slot. Keep playing and understand first with only small bets, then the chances of getting the jackpot will be achieved.

Switching Slot Tables

When you have followed how to play online slots according to our directions, but the victory has not yet been achieved. We recommend that you try to switch to another slot machine, because your chances might be on that machine.

Slot gambling agents

Lots of agent agents offer to play online slot gambling, therefore you must be smart in choosing which gambling sites you think are the best and most trusted. One of the most important leaks is that the deposit and withdrawal process is not complicated and fast, it can be said that online gambling sites are of good quality.

Maybe that’s all we can tell all of you about how to play online slots, understand and pay attention to the terms in these slot games by reading this article in its entirety. We hope to help all of you, end of words and thank you.