As an official site that offers online Sicbo games, you can play them directly on your computer or mobile device. First of all, you can create an account which you can play safely online. Safe medicine to try later. Plus, you can take advantage of a number of online benefits, including a billing bonus of up to 0.7% that is shared every Monday and a refund of up to 5%.

Playing here with confidence is no worse than today’s Sicbo game. Playing on the new confident Sicbo site is really fun, so many people want to get together and play Sicbo games online. In Indonesian online gambling, Sicbo must pay attention to many things. If you learn to play the stages, you won’t have any problems that you don’t have to play either. The profits that will be obtained will be very large and avoid losses. If you don’t know how to play Sicbo online in Indonesia, below we will tell you how to play Sicbo online.

Instructions on how to play the online Sicbo game
In fact, the Indonesian Sicbo game is much easier to play than other coincidental online games. Indonesian online game sicbo, meaning “two dice” means two dice, but the culture is different. This Indonesian Sicbo online game is played with 3 six-sided dice. To win this game, the player must explain the available choices, the numbers that appear after rolling the dice.

Types of online bets on Sicbo games

Big small
Small / big means small / big. You choose whether the price the cube shakes by the seller will give you a low or high price. If the total number of strokes is 4 to 10, that means less. Otherwise, the results of Chart 11-17 are great. The probability of this choice is 1: 1 with a probability of 48.6%. Slot Online Terpercaya

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Odd Even
/ False means straight / unusual, which shows the value of three coins after being shaken. If the diagram shows the number 12, it is the same or uniform. The odds for this bet are also 1: 1, the same as for small / big or 48.6%.

In this contest, if the dice show the same numbers, for example 2-2-2 or 6-6-6. You also have to be able to guess the number of twins that will appear. A triple is a bet with a maximum of 1: 150, but of course a triple is very small and maybe 0.46%.

The Double
Triple is almost the same, but in this bet all you need is 2 dice of the same value, like 2-2 or 3-3. Pair has a ratio of 1: 8, this bet has a probability of 7.41%.

Combination of projectiles
In this contest you have to guess the numbers 2 and 3 from the dice that is rolled. For example, select 1-5 and win when numbers 1 and 5 are displayed on the screen. For example 1-3-5, 1-5-6. The dice combination has a probability of 1: 5 and 13.9%

A total of three dice
The next bet is the sum of the value of the three dice which is usually called a total of 3 dice, where we estimate the total value of the movement of the three dice. For example, the number in the cube shows the value 3-3-4, which means the total is 10. The number of decisions that can be made from a total of three cubes, so the options are different, say c. ::

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4-17 You have a probability of 1:50, maybe 1.4%.
5-16 has a probability value of 1:18 and a probability of 2.8%
6-15 has a probability value of 1:14, a probability of 4.6%
7-14 has a probability value of 1:12 with a probability of 6.9%
8-13 has a probability value of 1: 8 with a probability of 9.7%
9-12 has a probability value of 1 in 6 with a probability of 11.6%.
10-11 has a probability of 1 in 6 with a probability of 12.5%
These three are
almost the same as Triple, except you don’t need to guess the number daftar sbobet388 that the three dice will produce. If you install triplets and triplets, you will get. The odds for this bet are 1:24 with a probability of 2.8%.

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Emphasis on online gambling with Indonesian Sicbo is an advantage that you will get if the stakes are right. For example, when you park