Mix parlay itself is a soccer bet that must choose 3 parties or teams from 3 dead ball matches (before the match starts). For some online soccer gambling lovers, you may already be familiar with this one game. This soccer bet is a sbobet game that is favored by most online soccer gambling players, you can also read soccer news to support your knowledge of playing.

You can choose the handicap ball market, over/under, 1×2, as well as the number of goals in either half-time (half-half) or full-time matches (full half, i.e. 2×45 minutes). daftar agen bola terbaik

For a more complete explanation, see the article below!

How to play Mix parlay

To be able to play this game, you must first choose your 3 mainstay teams. You can choose a minimum of 3 teams and a maximum of 12 teams for bets with handicap, over/under, 1×2, or odd-even markets.

After you select 3 teams in the left column, the names of the three teams you have selected will appear. In that column appears the words Mix parlay @5.0 which means it is the kei payment that you can multiply by the number of bets you place. Keep in mind to calculate the mix parlay the formula is the number of bets is multiplied by the odds and must be reduced by the number of bets.

A simple example is if all the teams you place win in full: if you place a bet of 100 or the equivalent of 100,000 rupiah, the multiplication of the odds is 5.0. If the three teams you choose win in full, then the prize you get is 100 x (5.0-100) = 400 or equivalent to 400,000, – if converted.

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Calculation in Mix parlay

Above, we discussed how to calculate if you win in full, then what if one team loses or draws? In this parlay calculation I will explain how to calculate it.

  • Draw

I will explain how to calculate if you choose 4 teams, but from those 4 teams there are teams that experience a draw or draw. If in the game there are 3 teams that win in full and 1 who gets a draw or draw, the calculation becomes 1 or does not count. This means that you only need to multiply the bet amount multiplied by the 3 team odds minus 1.

Contoh: 100x (2.5 x 2.4 x 2.8)-100 = 1.580

  • Win half

Now in this case, out of 3 teams if one team wins half (1/2). So for the calculation of the odds of winning half of the party that wins half minus one divided by two and added by one.
For example: The party that wins at half the odds is 2.5.
The formula is: ((2.5-1)/2) +1=1.75.

  • Lose half

Loh, there are half lost? Yes, there is a team that wins half, there must be a half who loses, right? So I will explain again that the mix parlay loses halfway with 3 more parties or teams. The results will be the same for both 3 parties and 7 parties, you only need to remember the formula and make it easier to explain.

So the calculation is that the odds of the party that loses in half will change to 0.5.
Example of calculation: total bet x party 1 (2.5) x party 2 (3.0) x party 3 (0.5) – bet amount
Means that the half lost is party 3. It doesn’t matter whatever the odds of the previous party, if you lose half the odds will be multiplied by 0.5.

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It’s not hard to understand and everything is easy to put into practice. If you are still in doubt and confused, don’t worry, don’t worry, you can read it in the Mix Parlay Guide more fully and clearly. You can find this mix parlay bet at the big agent sbobet fontana99.