You can search for trusted poker agents on Google. But please be careful on the search results that appear. Because there are often scam poker agents who are included in the top 10 contacts of the Google search engine. Let’s see more.

Trusted Poker Agent Rolling Bonus

Our focus this time is the discussion of bonus rolls. Actually what is a roll bonus? In an online gambling website, there are various types of bonus options. And indeed these bonuses when accumulated are quite profitable for the members of the website. So don’t take it lightly, my friend.

Well, for the rolling bonus itself. Until now, although I have often heard. But there are still many who don’t understand and don’t clearly understand what a roll bonus is. Another name for the roll bonus is the trunover bonus. so if you hear the term, then it is the same type of bonus.

The roll bonus itself is a bonus that players can get from betting on the game table. Betting on this table will be multiplied by the amount of the bonus percentage that has been provided by the agents or online poker dealers. agen sbobet casino terpercaya

Rolling Bonus Percentage

The percentage of the roll bonus itself varies. Where there is a site that provides a 0.5% bonus. But there are also those who give only 0.3%. Therefore it is not the same. But you also only focus on the total.

Because there are those who give more than 0.5% but it turns out that the site is a scam site. So the rolling bonus can’t be, the deposit money is gone. This is usually because potential players are too greedy for the bonuses offered. So that it becomes dark and there are many deposits on sites whose origins are still unclear. For example, a site that is still newly established and does not have many members.

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Therefore you have to be extra careful. For trunover bonuses or rolling bonuses, the following is an example of the calculation.

Let’s say the player has a total daily bet of IDR 10,000,000, so the trunover bonus is sure 10 million x 0.3% = IDR 30,000.

Isn’t that pretty good?

List of Trusted Poker Agents

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So many articles about trusted poker agents with rolling bonuses. Hope the info we share is useful, and finally, good luck friends.