Understanding Card Value in How to Play Blackjack

Welcome our loyal bettor, on this occasion we will explain one of the live casino games. How to play blackjack we will help review in complete and detailed.

Playing blackjack is not too difficult, as long as you understand all the ways to play it. Don’t worry bettor, if you read this article we guarantee you will be good at playing blackjack.

How to play blackjack, this time, we will play the explanation online using real money, so make sure you already have a cellphone or laptop as a supporting medium.

Furthermore, we also want to make sure that you are 18 years and over, so that the entire deposit and withdrawal process will run smoothly without any problems.

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Understanding Card Value in How to Play Blackjack

When you want to immediately learn how to play blackjack, then study the card values ​​first. Because in every playing card game the value of the cards is not always the same. situs casino online

The essence of the blackjack game is very easy, which is adding cards to reach a result of 21 or so-called blackjack. However, if it is more than 21 then you will lose.

Numeric Cards: The value of the cards on the numbers exactly matches 2-10.

Royal Cards: Royal cards such as J, Q, and K have a value of 10.

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US cards: In playing blackjack US cards are very special because they can be 1 or 11 if needed.

Now that’s the card value in blackjack, if you get 1 card worth 10 with 1 US card, you can be sure you get blackjack right away.

Next are some terms when you learn how to play blackjack so you don’t get confused while on the blackjack table itself, let’s see in full below.

Hit: You can ask the dealer for a bonus card until your card value approaches or fits 21, aka blackjack.

Stand: You didn’t take the bonus card for some reason.

Insurance: If the dealer’s first open card is the US, you can buy insurance for half the amount of your bet. If the city actually acquires blackjack then you will be paid 2: 1, but if the city does not blackjack then it is scorched.

Double Down: Playing the next blackjack you can double your bet if you have a card value of 8-11 and can only take 1 bonus card.

Split: The bettor can take a split step if you get a twin or pair, and you can only take 1 additional bonus card per hand.
Surrender: You can surrender if you only have cards worth 5-7 or 12-16, and the dealer has 9-Ace.

Those are some important terms that must be learned before starting how to play Asian live casino online blackjack, if you understand them, we guarantee you won’t be confused while at the playing table.

Winning Tricks When Placing Blackjack Bets

If you have mastered how to play blackjack, then we will help provide some winning tricks for you who are beginners. To be more sure when playing blackjack.

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Understand all strategies when doing how to play as above, because in blackjack anything can happen. So that in every round you have to have your own strategy.

Target victory if playing blackjack, because if you continue to play then over time the concentration will be lost to play blackjack in the original origin that causes defeat.

If the dealer has the first card worth 10 or the US, you should just surrender it, because it will be difficult to fight the dealer’s card later.

Thus this article we made about how to play blackjack for beginners, we hope that the contents of this article can provide you with good benefits when you want to start playing. Thank you and see you again in the next article.